Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Decode QR Codes Without a Camera

I've written about QR codes a bunch of times in the past, most recently in this post. The problem with all of those posts is that they rely on the use of some type of phone camera or webcam. Thanks to a Tweet by Doug Peterson this morning I discovered a solution to that problem.

QRreader (beta) is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to use your browser to decode QR codes. With QRreader installed when you come to a QR code on the web you can simply right-click on it to decode it. If the QR code is for a webpage, the page will open in a new tab. If the QR code is for text, it will open in a text dialogue box.

On a slightly related note, Chrome recently overtook Internet Explorer as the most-used browser in the world. The wealth of handy extensions like QRreader is one of the reason that I and many others prefer Chrome over all other browsers.