Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting Geeky With Google Maps Measurements

Over the weekend I was using Google Maps to measure the distance of some routes that I want to ride on my bicycle. While I was measuring I clicked on the little "I'm feeling lucky" link next to the measurement tools. I knew that there were some obscure units like Smoots and Rods in that list, but it seems that Google has dramatically increased the list of measurement units. I counted 56 units of measurement in the list. Now I can measure my biking routes in furlongs, in Olympic swimming pools, or Jewish 1st Temple cubits.

To access the "geeky" measurement units in Google Maps first make sure you have turned on the measuring tools in the "Maps Labs" then select "I'm feeling geeky." See the screenshots below for more directions. Click the images to view them in full-size.

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