Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moodle Tutorial Videos

This morning I received an email informing me that a source of Moodle tutorial videos that I featured three years ago has gone offline. That prompted me to search for some new Moodle tutorial videos. There are four sources that I found and think can be helpful for teachers getting started using Moodle.

Russell Stannard offers two sets of Moodle training videos. The first twenty-two part series can be accessed here. Click here to access the second fourteen part series.

MoodleRooms, recently acquired by Black Board, has a YouTube channel in which you can find tutorial videos created by MoodleRooms staff as well as some other videos that they have organized into helpful playlists.

Moodle HQ offers twenty tutorial videos produced by staff.

Using Moodle is probably the best of the YouTube channels that I found dedicated to Moodle. The videos are produced by a teacher, Mary Cooch, who is a languages teacher and Moodle trainer. Mary has produced videos in English and in French.