Friday, May 18, 2012

QuizSlides - Quizzes Based on Your Slides

QuizSlides is a new service whose purpose is to help you build quizzes based upon your slides. The basic concept is that you can upload PPT or PPTX files containing questions then add answer choices to create an instant-feedback quiz. The quiz can be set to allow students to try answers until they get the correct answer or the quiz can be set to allow only one try per question.

Applications for Education
The concept of QuizSlides isn't bad, but I wouldn't use it with elementary school students because students have to enter a captcha code before they can start the quiz. I found the captchas frustrating so I'm sure elementary school students would as well.

QuizSlides could be used with middle school and high school students to post review activities online. As a practice activity I would probably set the quizzes to allow multiple attempts at each question.