Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shared Copy - Collaborate and Annotate on Any Webpage

Update July 2020 - This resource is no longer available.

Last night I Tweeted a link to three tools for marking and sharing websites. Nathan Hall replied with the suggestion of looking at Shared Copy. Shared Copy is a tool for bookmarking, annotating, and sharing webpages. Using Shared Copy you can save a page, draw on it, add comments to it in text boxes, and highlight parts of the page. If you others to look at your comments on the page, Shared Copy offers many ways to do that through social networks and through email.

Applications for Education
Shared Copy could be a good tool to use to provide students with feedback on design elements of their digital portfolios. You could also use Shared Copy to highlight and draw attention to a block of text that you want your students to read prior to a classroom discussion.