Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Try Zoom.it to Display Large Infographics in Small Spaces

Over the weekend I had someone ask on Twitter how I make infographics display in small space on my blog. The answer is that I put the images inside a Zoom.it display. I wrote about Zoom.it eighteen months ago and have republished that content below.

Zoom.it is a neat application for displaying large images in blogs, wikis, and websites. Zoom.it creates a display of your images in a format that allows you to zoom in, zoom out, and scroll around a large image. To use Zoom.it your image does need to be hosted online somewhere (Flickr and Picasa work fine). Then to create your zoomable image just copy the url of your hosted image and paste it into Zoom.it. You can then share your image by giving people the direct link to it or embedding the image into your blog or website. Check out my zoomable image below.

Applications for Education
Zoom.it could be a useful tool for displaying large images that students have captured with a camera or created by hand in an art class. If students are doing work with textures and you want to be able to displayed their textured work online, a high resolution image is necessary. Unfortunately, large high resolution images are hard to display on most blog, wiki, and website pages. Putting that high resolution image into Zoom.it will make it possible to see the textured details of a high resolution image.