Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Turn Your Students into Solar Storm Watchers

Solar Storm Watch is a website on which anyone can become a solar storm watcher. The site uses imagery from STEREO Spacecraft to present users with information that they can use to try to spot solar storms.

Solar Storm Watch provides registered users with training on spotting and tracking solar storms. Once you have completed the training you can move on to contributing your observations to the community. The overall goal of the Solar Storm Watch is to help scientists identify and track solar storms. Watch the video below to learn about some of the questions the scientists hope to answer through the use of the information recorded on Solar Storm Watch.

Applications for Education
Solar Storm Watch offers some lesson plans for teachers who are interested in using the site in their classrooms. Even if you don't use the lesson plans or register on the site, you can still view some excellent interactive graphics that explain parts of the solar system and the role of satellites in monitoring solar activities.