Thursday, May 31, 2012

U.S. Elections for Dummies 1960-1992

Take Khan Academy for social studies, use better graphics, put an engaging speaker who is actually a social studies teacher in front of the camera and you'll have Hip Hughes History. I mentioned Hip Hughes History a while back in a list of other history resources. This morning I want to share one of the newer playlists that Keith Hughes has created which is all about U.S. Presidential Elections from 1960 through 1992 (I'm hoping there are more on the way). These videos are seven to fifteen minute overviews of the major themes of each election.

Applications for Education
As Mr. Hughes points out in the introductions to the videos, these aren't videos that you will build a thesis paper around. If you need to review or cram before a test, these videos could be helpful. And it doesn't hurt that they're far more engaging than a disembodied voice talking over a blackboard.