Wednesday, June 13, 2012

eBook Browse - Search, Download, and Share eBooks

Through a recent blog post by Angela Maiers I discovered a nice service for finding and sharing ebooks. The service is called ebook browse and it's similar to services like Scribd and DocStoc. On ebook browse you can browse for documents, upload and share your own documents, and download the documents that other people make available. If you want to make your documents available online for others to read, just upload them to ebook browse and share the link or embed them into your blog or website using the embed code provided by ebook browse.

Applications for Education
I did a quick search on ebook browse and discovered that there are a lot of people sharing their lesson plans on ebook browseebook browse could be a good tool for students to use to share examples of their best writings. Students can upload to ebook browse then use the embed code provided to display their documents in their digital portfolios.