Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quickly Gauge Your Students' Understanding with Understoodit

Understoodit is a new web app for quickly gauging your students' understanding of information that you have shared with them. Saw it in action for the first time today when my Ed Tech Teacher colleague Greg Kulowiec used it during a workshop we taught.

Understoodit is quite simple. Just open your account (it's still in beta by invitation only) and open the simple poll of "understand" or "confused." Students can vote using any internet-connected device. Students can vote whenever you have the poll open. They can vote multiple times too. So if they are confused at the beginning of class, but understand ten minutes later they can change their votes.

Understoodit from Liam Kaufman on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
After seeing it in action, I can see how Understoodit could be a great tool for quickly getting anonymous feedback from your students. The option to see the timing of when your students vote for "confused" or "understand" can be a great way to quickly determine which topics or what content to you need to repeat.

Click here for three other services you can use to quickly poll your students.

Update: In a classic case of not proofreading, I meant to title this post "Quickly Gauge Your Students' Understanding" not "Quickly Change Your Students' Understanding." The title is correct now.