Monday, June 4, 2012

StoryCove - A World of Stories

Occasionally, I revisit some of my old posts to check up on resources that I reviewed and see what has happened with those resources since I wrote my review. One example of this is Story Cove which I reviewed two years ago and revisited this morning.

Story Cove is a service that hosts audio and video stories based on the folktales from a variety of places and cultures. The stories are divided by their continent of origin. Each story is intended to convey a lesson on culture and society. The stories can be watched as videos or listened to as audio-only recordings.

Applications for Education
Story Cove provides a nice selection of lesson plans to accompany each of the stories in its collection. The lesson plans are in PDF form and include handouts for students. The lesson plans are categorized by story and by grade level, pre-K through grade 3. Story Cove also provides printable activities like mazes and word searches to accompany each story.