Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weebly Adds Slick Themes and Templates

Last month Weebly launched a new iPad and iPhone app. Today, they released 25 new templates and themes. Teachers and students using Weebly to build websites still get all of the great free website creation tools they love plus new themes and templates to enjoy. Furthermore, you can now use multiple page templates within your site. TechCrunch has a nice run-down of all of the news from Weebly. Watch the video below for a short overview of the new Weebly themes and templates.

Applications for Education
Weebly for Education includes all of the intuitive website-building and blogging tools found on Weebly plus features built specifically for education. Weebly for Education offers bulk creation of student accounts (up to 40 for free) which teachers can manage and moderate. Students can create their own websites and blogs using the accounts that you create for them. Unlike a lot of free services in the website building market, Weebly does not place any advertising your website.