Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wistia Launches A Free Video Hosting Plan and a Cool Launch Video

Wistia is a video hosting company that until today did not offer a free plan. They offer one now. Wistia is not like YouTube and similar video hosting services. It's purpose is to give you complete control over how your videos are found and seen by others. You can't search Wistia for funny cat videos. In fact, you can't search it at all. The way to share your videos is to embed them into your own website or blog. You can control who does or doesn't see your video even when it is embedded by requiring an email address for viewing.

Here's Wistia's video introducing their free plan. It's the best product introduction video I've seen in a long time.

Applications for Education
The new Wistia free plan is limited to three videos at a time. That's not much, but if you want to have complete control over the distribution of your videos, Wistia is an excellent option. If you have a pre-K or elementary school event that you want to record, but want to have control over the distribution, Wistia might be a good option for you.

H/T to Lee Lefever.