Monday, July 2, 2012

Gathering Feedback With Socrative Classroom Activities

This week I am away on an offline vacation. Rather than let the blog be dormant or rerunning old posts I decided to give some other people a chance to share their experiences and ideas with you. I hope you enjoy the posts.

"This is sic! This is so cool!  I can so do this!"

These are just some of the comments my students expressed when our class used Socrative for the first time. As educators know, engaging students in their coursework can be challenging at times -- not with Socrative however!

Socrative is a student response system that leverages the use of smartphones, laptops and tablets by having students respond to questions in various quiz and game formats. Almost instantaneously, student responses are populated and can be viewed by the entire class. No matter what format you use, Socrative is a fun and easy way for students to receive immediate feedback and for teachers to collect marks.

For a quick video tutorial on how to get started with Socrative, please see below.

One key feature of Socrative that I would like to highlight is "Exit Tickets". "Exit Tickets" allow teachers to check in on student understanding of the day's material before they leave class. To do so, teachers can use Socrative's pre-designed "Exit Ticket" activities or design their own in real time or before class. Once student responses are submitted, they are collated as an emailed report or an online google spreadsheet.

Sample Classroom Activities:

Socrative also has a sharing option. By selecting the sharing option in the "Edit Quiz" section located in the Main Menu, a SOC number is assigned that allows the pre-made quiz to be imported by others. It is no secret that educators always appreciate the sharing of good resources! Below I have included the SOC numbers of the English quizzes I have created. Please feel free to share with others.

SOC-256509 - Poetic Devices
SOC-256496 - Types of Poems
SOC-90777 - Short Story Terms #1
SOC-93415 - Short Story Terms #2
SOC-93503 - Short Story Terms #3

I highly recommend Socrative for classroom use as it is a very effective and engaging educational tool for students! Check it out here!

Photo Credit: Frantz, Sue. Socrative. 2012. Technology for Educators, Renton, Washington. Technology for Educators. Web. 16 June 2012.

Lynda Hall is a secondary classroom teacher from Kamloops, BC, CANADA.  She has been teaching Physical Education, Social Studies and English for 17 years and along with her classroom duties, she is currently the Technology Coordinator for her school.  As Technology Coordinator, Lynda’s main responsibility is to encourage the educational use of technology among colleagues through collaboration and mentoring.  She is also working towards a Masters degree in Educational Technology and Design from the University of Saskatchewan.  Lynda is very passionate about integrating technology into her teaching practice and loves to share what she has learned with other educators.  

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