Thursday, July 12, 2012

Get Hip With New Hip Hughes History Videos

I've mentioned Keith Hughes' Hip Hughes History YouTube channel in the past. This morning I showed the channel to my friend Alice Barr and I thought that I should share it here again. Keith Recently added a couple of new videos to his channel. The 1996 Election for Dummies is latest addition the U.S. Elections for Dummies playlist. The other video that you might want to add to your U.S. History course blog or website is U.S. Sectionalism for Dummies.

Applications for Education
As Keith Hughes points out at the beginning of some of the videos, these videos are not a replacement for paying attention in class and doing your own research. That said, the videos are good for reviewing or previewing a topic. If you teach U.S. History and you're building a course resource page this summer, I highly recommend adding some of the Hip Hughes History videos to that page.