Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Most Popular Guest Posts on Free Technology for Teachers

There is a trail through there.
Good morning from the Free Technology for Teachers world headquarters in Greenwood, Maine. I'm back from a week of mountain biking in the highlands of Iceland. If you're ever in Iceland, I recommend visiting and inquiring about tours.

In a classic case of "the Internet really does connect us," shortly after we met, one of the guides for the trip who is also a teacher said to me, "oh yes, I saw your name as a presenter for iPad Summit USA." Fortunately, we both recognized it was vacation and didn't spend too much time talking shop during the week. Although teachers never really do stop talking shop completely.

While I was away I ran guest posts from educators who were willing to share their experiences with you. Thank you to all of the guest writers who helped me out this week. Below is the list of the most read guest posts of the week.

1. One Music Class - One iPad - Now What?
2. The Teacher-Librarian is Your Best Tech Resource
3. Making Educational Blogging Work For You
4. Gathering Feedback with Socrative Classroom Activities
5. Creating Infographics with Middle School Students
6. Welcome to Online Textbooks
7. Tech Alternatives for the One Computer Classroom

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