Sunday, August 26, 2012

Be a Web Ranger and Learn About U.S. National Parks

This evening I was browsing through Flip Board when I found a neat article about the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I quickly added it to my not-a-bucket list (a term I've picked up from my new friends Gillian and Jason). As I was reading about Theodore Roosevelt National Park I was reminded of a resource I reviewed a year ago called Web Rangers.

Web Rangers offers seven categories of games about different subjects related to the National Parks. The game categories are people, animals, parks, science, history, nature, and puzzles. Each category contains games of varying difficulty rated from easy to difficult. Some of the game topics include dendrochronology, animal tracking, animal identification, fire fighting, and map reading.

Students can play Web Rangers games as visitors or as registered users. Registered users can track their progress and earn virtual rewards. Registered users can also create their own customized virtual ranger stations.

Applications for Education
Web Rangers could be a great way for students to learn about all of the things that National Parks contain. The games also introduce players to the job functions of Park Rangers. In that regard, the game could be a "career exploration" activity of sorts. You might also use the games in conjunction with some of the National Parks system's lesson plans.