Friday, August 31, 2012

Get 25GB of Box Storage with Fetchnotes

This service is no longer available.

I've written about the collaborative task management tool Fetchnotes a couple of times this year (click here for my latest review). This week Fetchnotes announced a great promotion with Box. Now if you register for a Fetchnotes account and a new Box account, you will receive 25GB of free Box space. Since Dropbox dropped support for sharing of folders (for new accounts), Box has become my preferred file hosting and sharing service.

Applications for Education
This summer I got a great Box use idea from Greg Kulowiec. Greg recommended creating a public, shared folder on Box that you fill with important digital hand-outs for your students. Whenever you update the folder your students will automatically be able to access the new files that you have added to the folder. Sign-up for Fetchnotes, try out the task management tools, then enjoy 25GB of Box storage to use in a public, shared folder for your students.

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