Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Updated 63 Page Guide to Google Drive and Docs

Back in May I published a 57 page guide to Google Drive and Docs. That guide was well-received by many people some people even used it in their own presentations at ISTE 2012 (in some cases with permission and in some cases without). Since I originally published that guide Google has added a couple of new features to Google Docs. Therefore, I have updated my guide to Google Drive and Docs for Teachers. I've embedded the new version below. If you have used Scribd to embedd the older version in a webpage somewhere, don't worry the new version should automatically appear for you.

I have stopped giving away downloads of this document. I have adopted this policy for two reasons. First, I have found many instances of people not honoring the Creative Commons license of my previous works. Second, pageviews and in turn ad revenue, are the only way that I am compensated for the many hours that I put into creating these resources. I apologize if this policy causes an inconvenience for you. You are free to use Scribd to grab the embed code and place the document in a non-password protected webpage.