Saturday, September 1, 2012

Annotary - Another Nice Bookmarking Service

Annotary is a new social bookmarking service that I started trying out this morning and so far I like it. Annotary reminds me a bit of the popular Diigo bookmarking service. Using Annotary in Chrome I can bookmark sites, highlight portions of pages, and annotate pages with sticky notes. Just like any good online bookmarking service, Annotary allows you to share bookmarks and search other peoples shared bookmarks.

Applications for Education
If you're still saving your bookmarks to your browser only, make this school year the year that you start saving your bookmarks online. Annotary could be a great service to get you started on that path. By saving your bookmarks online you will always be able to access them regardless of which computer you use. And by adding annotations to the pages you save in your Annotary account you'll never wonder why you bookmarked a particular site.