Thursday, September 27, 2012

ClassDoJo Adds Bulk Report Downloads

Yesterday, I received this email from ClassDoJo and probably many of you got the same one. The email announced some new features for ClassDoJo. In my opinion the most notable new feature is bulk downloads of behavior reports. The reports are downloaded as PDFs.  Another new feature of note is the option to email reports to multiple parents.

Applications for Education
This summer I heard from a number of elementary school teachers who absolutely love ClassDoJo for recording behaviors. One teacher that I spoke with said that she would project the "positive behaviors only" screen when she was giving out positive recognition at the end of the school day. I've also heard from teachers who are using ClassDoJo to give out "rewards" or "points" during classroom discussions for asking good questions, being polite, and using evidence in arguments.

Disclosure: ClassDoJo is an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers.