Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Create Simple Photo Stories with PicView

PicView is a free iPad app that makes it easy to create simple photo stories. PicView allows you to create an audio recording about a picture. You can add narration to pictures that you take with your iPad or pictures that you already have in your iPad's camera roll. Your images can be enhanced with some simple color filters, border designs, a title, and markers. Your completed PicView story can be shared via email, posted on the PicView site, shared on Facebook, or shared on Twitter.

Applications for Education
PicView could be a great application for students to use to create simple, one image photo stories. You might use PicView to have students talk about images that they take around their homes or towns. You might also use PicView to have all of your students comment on the same image to compare ideas and understanding. For example, I might have all of my students create photo stories about this famous image about Manifest Destiny.