Monday, September 17, 2012

Stop Frame Animator - Create Stop Motion Videos

Stop Frame Animator from Culture Street is a neat tool for creating animated stop motion movies. Creating your animated stop motion video is a simple drag and drop process on Stop Frame Animator.

To get started creating your stop motion video select a background scene then drag your characters into place. While you have nine background scenes to choose from, the only characters you can use are wooden manikins. You can position the manikins' arms and legs in every scene. After choosing your scene and characters you can add some other props like chairs and beach balls. And if you want you can add sound effects and music to your video by selecting them from the Stop Frame Animator gallery.

Stop Frame Animator productions cannot be saved locally, but they can be saved online if you create an account. You can share your productions by emailing them to friends.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for a different way for your students to create short stories, have them try Stop Frame Animator. The challenge of using Stop Frame Animator is getting students to tell stories without using words. This process will require students to make careful selection of props and sound effects.

Thanks to Nathan Hall for sharing Stop Frame Animator with me.