Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Historical Thinking Matters - Multimedia Investigations in U.S. History

Historical Thinking Matters features four fantastic historical thinking investigation activities for students. Through the investigations students learn about the Spanish-American War, the Scopes Trial, Rosa Parks, and Social Security.

Each of the investigations provides students with background information in the forms of video, images, audio, and text (both primary and secondary sources). As students progress through the investigations they can use the Historical Thinking Matters student notebook to answer guiding questions and take notes. At the end of the investigation students are asked to write short essays. After completing their essays students can email their work including the notes from their notebooks directly to their teachers.
Applications for Education
Historical Thinking Matters is site that every teacher of U.S. History should bookmark. Through the investigations students not only learn about the four events in the series, they also develop skills in analyzing primary sources. And ff you want to create your own historical thinking investigations, Historical Thinking Matters provides a good model to follow.