Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Important Changes Coming to Skitch

Skitch is a great tool for creating images, drawings, and marking-up images. I have Skitch installed on my iPad and on my Android tablets. Last winter Skitch was acquired by Evernote. That acquisition made it easy to store my Skitch images in Evernote. Last night I learned through this Evernote email that soon all Skitch image storage and sharing will have to go through Evernote.

Starting on October 10 the website will be archived and you'll no longer be able to sign into it to access your images. If you have images in it now, download them while you still can. And if you don't have an Evernote account already, you'll need one in order to store your future Skitch creations online.

Applications for Education
Students can use the Skitch iPad and Android apps to create drawings from scratch to use in multimedia projects. Or have students use Skitch to annotate images to explain what they're seeing. Take your students on a nature walk with a list of plants that they need to try to recognize. Tell them to use their tablets to take pictures of the plants then draw or write on the images to point out the identifying aspects of those plants.