Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MeeGenius for Google Chrome

MeeGenius is a great website, Android app, and iPad app offering ebooks for kids. MeeGenius allows users to turn narration on and off for each book. When narration is turned on each word in the story is highlighted as it's read.

As mentioned above, MeeGenius is available for Android and iPad. This afternoon I discovered that MeeGenius is also available as a Chrome Web App. The MeeGenius Chrome Web App makes it easy to browse, read, and listen to the MeeGenius books in your browser.

Applications for Education
MeeGenius could be a great website and app for young students to use to experience some nice short stories and practice reading at the same time. MeeGenius is offering a free school and library subscription program but it's not clear how many ebooks are included in that free subscription.