Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meograph Launches a 4D Election Hub

Meograph is a free service that bills itself as a four dimensional storytelling tool. When you watch a Meograph story you will notice that it is very similar to a watching a narrated Google Earth tour. That is because it is based on the Google Maps and the Google Earth browser plug-in. As the story plays you can stop it to explore additional content in the forms of videos, texts, and images. Meograph gives you the tools to create your own four dimensional stories.

Yesterday, Meograph launched an election center that is featuring a new Meograph story about the 2012 Presidential Campaign every day. Today's story is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Often when students hear news stories about Presidential campaigns they don't have a geographic context for where the stories are originating. Meograph provides that context for students.

Meograph is well suited to creating biographical stories. After watching a couple of Meograph stories, have students create their own Meographs about political candidates.