Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Money Metropolis, Financial Football, and More Money Skills Games

Money Metropolis is an educational game hosted on Practical Money Skills.   In the game students choose savings goals then navigate their way through a virtual town to earn money toward those goals. Some of the earning opportunities are more lucrative than others. And some earning opportunities are easier than others. As you might expect, the easier tasks are not as lucrative. Along the way they are presented with some opportunities to spend the money that they've earned, but spending at those opportunities sets students back on their progress toward their goals.

Money Metropolis is one of eight similar games hosted on Practical Money Skills. Another game that your students might like is Financial Football. Financial Football has students answer questions about budgets, savings, and spending to move their football teams down the field against another team. The games use real NFL team logos.  Financial Football takes at least twenty minutes to play.

Applications for Education
The Practical Money Skills games require students to have some prior knowledge of financial basics. These games could be good review activities after a lesson that you teach about budgeting, saving, borrowing, and spending.