Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Link Cloud - A Beautiful iGoogle Alternative

My Link Cloud is a new service that could fill the space being left behind by the impending closure of iGoogle. My Link Cloud allows you to create start pages with your favorite links. There are other services that fill the same niche, but My Link Cloud is the most visually appealing of those that I have tried.

My Link Cloud allows you to create multiple start pages within your account. Each start page can have a different color scheme. Organizing the links on your pages is a simple drag and drop process. To delete a link just right click on it then confirm that you want to delete it from your start page.

My Link Cloud is still in beta so there are some aspects of it that are still in development that when finished could make it outstanding. Right now the only way to add links to your start pages in My Link Cloud is by using the browser extension. The other aspect that needs improvement is the collaboration option which is advertised as "coming soon" but is not available yet.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for an iGoogle alternative for you or your students, My Link Cloud is a promising service to check out. Your students could use My Link Cloud to create visual collections of links organized around topics they're researching.