Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Two Interactive Historical Thinking Posters

Last year Teaching History released a fantastic interactive poster about the U.S. Civil War. This year they have released two more interactive posters for history students.

Doing History is Like Solving a Mystery is an interactive poster for elementary school students. The poster uses images with notes to guide students through the process of developing good research questions and recording their ideas.

History is an Argument About the Past is an interactive poster for middle school and high school students. The poster walks students through identifying primary and secondary sources of information then using that information to create an argument.

Applications for Education
Both posters could be good references or tutorials for students. My one complaint about them is that I wish they were a little bit bigger. Even when I zoomed-in on them the font was a bit difficult to read (or maybe my eyes are just betraying me). If these posters don't quite fit your needs, you and your students could create similar ones using a tool like Thing Link.