Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wikispaces Introduces a Nice New Website Style

One of the questions that I am often asked is, "should I create a wiki or a website?" For a while my answer has often been to use Google Sites which can be used for both purposes. Today, Wikispaces introduced a new template that offers the flexibility to use Wikispaces as a website and as a tool for collaboration.

The new Wikispaces Editable Website Wiki Type allows you to Wikispaces to create webpages that don't show all of the navigation, editing, and discussion links that you typically see when viewing a Wikispaces page. The new Editable Website Wiki Type retains all of the editing and collaboration options that you have when using a standard Wikispaces page type.

There are two ways to activate the new Wikispaces Editable Website Wiki Type. If you're creating a new wiki select Editable Website Wiki Type during the set-up process. If you have existing wikis that you would like to convert to the new Editable Website Wiki Type sign into your wiki then open the "manage wiki" menu and then the "wiki info" menu to change the wiki type.

Applications for Education
The new Editable Website Wiki Type bridges the gap between websites and wikis. The new style could be perfect for having students create digital portfolios of work they have done in your courses. For more ideas on using wikis in education please see 5 Ways You Can Use Wikis.