Monday, October 1, 2012

Use SpeakPipe to Send Voice Messages to Email Recipients

SpeakPipe is a free service for receiving voicemail messages from visitors to your blog or website. I reviewed it back in May. Today. SpeakPipe added a new service to their offerings. Now SpeakPipe users can send voice messages to anyone.

The new SpeakPipe messaging service is easy to use. Just sign into your account at then click the "send a voice message to email" button. Clicking that button will prompt you to enter an email address and to allow SpeakPipe to access your computer's microphone. SpeakPipe will record you and send an email to anyone you specify. The recipient of your message does not have to have a SpeakPipe account to hear the message. The recipient of your message can listen to your recording online or they can download your message.

Applications for Education
SpeakPipe installed on your blog or website could provide an easy way for parents to leave messages for you. SpeakPipe's messaging service could be a good way for you to reach busy parents who would rather hear a message from you than read a message. The download option for recipients also makes SpeakPipe an option for creating short one-take podcasts or to simply create voice reminders for yourself.