Monday, November 19, 2012

Discover Great iPad Apps on Apps Gone Free

Browsing or searching the App Store for free apps can be a time-consuming process. Apps Gone Free can save you time in your quest for free iPad and iPhone apps. Apps Gone Free is a free iPad app that serves up a new list of free apps everyday. The apps featured on Apps Gone Free are apps that normally require a purchase but have been made available for free download for a limited time. I used Apps Gone Free today to find a neat app that I think physical education teachers will like (blog post coming soon).

Apps Gone Free recently added a new "app bump" option that allows you to recommend paid apps to others. An app that receives enough "bumps" could be made free too. Learn more in the video below.

Applications for Education
I recently had a conversation with the assistant principal of a high school that is trying out iPads with the possibility of going 1:1 with them next year. One of his concerns about the program is the cost of locating and buying apps for 1000+ users. Even with volume pricing the costs add up quickly. Monitoring a service like Apps Gone Free could be a good way for his school and school's like his to find good, educational apps at no cost.