Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Insert Google Drive Files Into Your Gmail Messages

If you're a person who like me uses Gmail for the bulk of your email, Google has just made an announcement that you're sure to like. Now you can add a Google Drive file to your Gmail messages without leaving the Gmail message composer. Now next to the attachment icon you will see a Google Drive icon. Click that icon to add a Google Drive file to your email message. Files added to messages can be up to 10MB 10GB (thank you Harry and others for correcting my mistake) in size.

This new feature only works with the latest version of the Gmail message composer so you will have to accept the update if you haven't already done so.  According to Google's announcement this feature is being rolled out over a few days. And in my quick test this afternoon, this feature hasn't been enabled for Google Apps for Domains yet.

On a shameless promotion note, you can learn about many more Google Drive features in my new online course Google Drive and the Common Core.