Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TinyTap Artist - Draw Your Own iPad Games

On Sunday I wrote a review of the free iPad app TinyTap. TinyTap allows you to create simple iPad games based on the pictures that you take with your iPad. After I published that post it was pointed out to me that the TinyTap app also has a drawing tool built into it. The drawing tool is called TinyTap Artist.

TinyTap Artist allows students to draw free-hand or to trace objects in pictures that they have taken with their iPads. For example, a student could take a picture of a cat and then trace it to create the basis for a new drawing. The drawings that students create can be used in the creation of new TinyTap games.

Applications for Education
TinyTap Artist could be a great app for young students to use to create simple games based on their own drawings. Students could also use the app just to practice drawing common objects by tracing and then using those tracings in new pictures.

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