Monday, December 3, 2012

ePals Common Core Implementation Center

Many of you probably know of ePals, a global classroom community for collaborating on projects with others worldwide. ePals recently launched its new Common Core Implementation Center that gives teachers access to a broad range of online communication and collaboration tools, along with rigorous learning resources designed to facilitate authentic, project-based learning, as specified by Common Core State Standards.

Resources available include customizable, project-based lessons and activities based on time available, subject focus and grade level from both teachers and respected content providers (e.g., National Geographic, Smithsonian, Cobblestone & Cricket magazines). Classrooms can partner in safe, digital workspaces controlled by the teacher to collaborate on activities and projects with other schools and classrooms.

Check out the Common Core Implementation Center on ePals to get started.

Here are some ideas to get started:

Create Real-World Connections for Each Topic: Find project partners for each content area your students are studying to enhance understanding and application of new concepts and to meet Common Core standards including Writing 6 and Writing 7.

Pair Students with Global Peers: Pair students within a project workspace with peers from other countries to accomplish specific goals, such as completing joint inquiry projects.

Host Online Discussions: Host dynamic discussions between students by posting forum topics for students to build on each other’s ideas and learn to express their own thoughts clearly and persuasively.

Share Student Work: Have students publish their work and ideas to the project group using media galleries and encourage peer review.

Create Collaborative Content: Use wikis to have student groups author joint content, such as a digital presentations and multimedia research reports.

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