Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Link Cloud Updates to Become a Better iGoogle Alternative

When Google announced the closure of iGoogle earlier this year many people went looking for an alternative. One of the alternatives that I liked this fall is My Link Cloud.This week My Link Cloud released some updates that will make it better than it was before.

My Link Cloud allows you to create start pages with your favorite links.Within your account you can create multiple start pages. Each start page can have a different color scheme. Organizing the links on your pages is a simple drag and drop process. To delete a link just right click on it then confirm that you want to delete it from your start page. One of the recent updates to My Link Cloud allows you to add sticky notes to your start pages. You can now add frames to your pages too. The frames allow you to group items on your pages. And now you upload your own custom background images instead of having to use the default My Link Cloud backgrounds.

Applications for Education
My Link Cloud has released a short video demonstrating how teachers and students can use the service. Watch the one minute video below.