Sunday, January 1, 2012

Calkoo - An Excellent Set of Online Calculators

There are a lot of calculators online for performing all kinds of functions from simple addition to solving complex equations. Calkoo is a website that offers forty-three free online calculators for a variety of functions. The list of calculators that Calkoo is divided into ten categories. Those categories are mathematics, measurement & conversion, saving & investing, capital budgeting, cost of capital, wages & taxes, financial analysis, health, loan & leasing, and stock analysis.

Applications for Education
One of my favorite activities in middle school and high school was the stock market simulation activities that two of my teachers had us do. Calkoo offers a good set of calculators that could be used for stock market simulation activities. Of course, if you just need some basic online calculators for your students to use Calkoo puts a bunch of good ones in one place for you.

Here are five free scientific calculators you might also want to try.

The Story of Auld Lang Syne

If you have ever wondered why people sing Auld Lang Syne on New Year's Eve, what the words mean, or even what the actual words to it are, CBS Sunday Morning has a five minute explanation for you. You can watch the video here or as embedded below.

On a more academic note, here are some 2011 year in review resources for social studies teachers.
Remember 2011 - A Map of 2011's Biggest Stories
CNN Rewinds 2011
YouTube Rewinds 2011
CNN Student News 2011 News Quiz
The Year in Google Searches
2011 In 120 Images
The Year in 60 Seconds - A Video Project Idea

A Planetarium for Your Browser

Yesterday, on my Android 4 Schools blog I featured the Google Sky app that allows you to determine which stars, planets, and constellations you're looking at when you stare into the night sky. This morning I found a website that allows you to do the same.

Planetarium by Neave Interactive is a website on which you can specify your current location and it will show you a map of the night sky based upon your location and the date. You can also use Planetarium without specifying your location and instead explore the night sky from any place on Earth. For Google Chrome users, Planetarium offers a Chrome Web App that you can add to your browser.

Applications for Education
Planetarium could be an excellent website and Chrome App to use in lessons about astronomy. Students can compare the constellations they see at home with those of people in other parts of the world at the same time.