Friday, January 6, 2012

Interactive Animated Heart

Explania is one of my favorite resources for animated explanations of topics in technology and science. Some of their offerings are videos and some of their offerings are interactive animations. One of their interactive animations that could be quite useful for biology teachers and health teachers is The Human Heart. The Human Heart animation allows visitors to learn about the parts and functions of the human heart by clicking on different parts of the heart to find short explanations of that part's function. Your students can access the interactive animation on the Explania website or you can embed the animation into your blog or website.

The Human Heart - Explania

Even More Great Chrome Tools for Schools

On Wednesday and Thursday I posted information about useful Google Chrome extensions and Web Apps for teachers. Yesterday, I found a great blog post by Molly Schroeder full of great information about using Google Chrome in your school. In Life After Internet Explorer Molly offers lists of her favorite Chrome extensions and web apps. More importantly, Molly included a slideshow titled Customizing Chrome for the Classroom. In the slideshow, which you can download for your personal use, you will find step-by-step directions to help teachers get familiar with the features of Chrome and some of the apps that Molly listed in her blog post.

If you're not sure what a browser extension is, watch the video below.

Mix Your Own NPR Podcast

Yesterday, Vicki Davis published a great post titled How to Improve Your Thinking With a Podcatcher. Her post reminded me of a neat service that fans of NPR might like. NPR's mix your own podcast service allows anyone to create their own unique collection of podcasts from NPR's library of thousands of podcasts. To use NPR's mix your own podcast service simply visit the page, name your podcast, select keywords and content, and then subscribe to your new custom podcast.

Applications for Education
Students can use NPR's mix your own podcast service to create a podcast that is both interesting to them and informative. You could also create a podcast of content related to your course and link it up to your classroom blog or website. 

24/7 Science at The Lawrence Hall of Science

24/7 Science is a website produced by The Lawrence Hall of Science for the purpose of sharing science games and hands-on activities for elementary school students.

24/7 Science has two basic sections, a game section and an activities section. The games section offers twenty-five online games for students to play independently. The hands-on activities section offers thirteen hands-on science learning activities that students can do with the supervision of their teachers or parents to learn about plants, animals, and Earth science.

Applications for Education
27/7 Science could be a good source of science activities for elementary school teachers in need of some new ways to introduce their students to various topics in science. Some of the online games match the hands-on activities.