Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Short Tuesday Primary Videos

Very early this morning the first votes in the New Hampshire primary were cast. The town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire had nine voters show up just after midnight to be the first to cast their votes. CNN has a short video about Dixville Notch's voters and why New Hampshire is so important today.

On a much lighter note, comedian Bob Marley (a Mainer like me) went to New Hampshire to "investigate" the primaries. The video does mention drinking at about the 1:30 mark, but otherwise is appropriate for school.

Evernote in Education

Over the last couple of months Evernote has become my favorite tool for bookmarking websites and saving files. Evernote allows me to access my bookmarks and files from all of my devices whenever I'm connected to the Internet. I also like the tagging and sorting options that I have available to me in Evernote. Before using Evernote I used Google Bookmarks. While Google Bookmarks is good, Evernote's tagging and sorting options are much better.

Recently, I learned that Evernote has an education section in which they provide examples of Evernote being used by teachers and students. Through the Evernote for Education page you can access an hour-long webinar explaining the how Evernote can be used by teachers and students.

Evernote for education webinar from Ronald Toledo on Vimeo.

Math Rap - Don't Let Pi Make Ya Cry

Rhyme 'N Learn produces clean rap songs about math and science. They've just released a new song, "Don't Let Pi Make Ya Cry." In this new song students are introduced to the function of Pi. You can watch the video below. And if you really like the song, you can buy it along with other Rhyme 'N Learn productions on iTunes and CD Baby.