Monday, January 23, 2012

Free Download - Ten Digital Storytelling Projects

A couple of months ago I put out a call for readers who were interested in sharing their digital storytelling projects to get in touch with me. There was a good response to that call. From those responses came ten digital storytelling projects developed and conducted by educators just like you and me. I assembled the stories, added some content of my own, and put together the PDF that you should see embedded below. Please feel free to download the document from Issuu, Docstoc, or Scribd.

10 Digital Storytelling Projects

Another Earth - Compare Maps Side-by-Side

Yesterday, I shared a great resource for geography teachers. That resource is called GE Teach. GE Teach was developed by a high school geography teacher. One of the nice features of GE Teach is the option to compare to views of Google Earth side-by-side. This morning I found a similar website called Another Earth.

Another Earth provides a split screen for comparing views of the Earth side-by-side. One neat use for Another Earth is to use the time sliders to compare views of the same places in the world at different times. You can also use Another Earth to compare different places at the same point in time. In the screen capture below I used the sun layer to compare levels of sunlight at the same time South America and Australia.
Click image to view full size.

Applications for Education
Another Earth doesn't offer as many layers for comparison as GE Teach does, but it is still a good tool for students to use to compare views of the Earth across time and space.

Science Fair Project Ideas from

The second half of the school year seems to be when the most science fairs happen. If you and your students are looking for some ideas for science fair projects, offers some good ideas that you can use as-is or adapt to fit your specific situation. On the Science Fair page you can specify a grade level and a field of science to find project ideas suitable for your students. offers a set of widgets that you can embed into your professional resources blog or website. The widgets offered link to resources developed by I've embedded the Activities Widget below. The widget should link you to hands-on activities for teaching social studies. You can customize the widget to show content for any subject and or grade level that you like.

LiveBinders Comes to the iPad

The popular online online bookmarking, digital notebook service LiveBinders released a new iPad app last week. The new LiveBinders iPad app gives you access to all of your binders to edit and present the content stored within them.

If you aren't familiar with LiveBinders itself, it is a free online service that allows you to create online binders of webpages, images, and documents. Live Binders displays your collected content in a tabbed, book-like format. You can create binders for as many topics as you like. Adding content to your Live Binder can be done by manually typing in the url of a webpage, upload files from your computer to your Live Binder, or add content through the Live Binders browser add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Applications for Education
Live Binders can be an excellent tool for students to use to create online booklets of resources they find online combined with content that they've created. I learned about the LiveBinders iPad app from Steven Anderson who uses LiveBinders to organize and share much of the great content he's discovered and developed online. 

Reminder Guru - Have Reminders Sent to You

Reminder Guru is a free service that you can use to have reminders sent to you through email, text message, or phone call. Creating reminders in Reminder Guru is very quick and easy. After you have registered on the service, simply fill in the reminder form with a message for yourself, choose a reminder date, then specify how you want the reminder delivered to you. If there are tasks that you need to be reminded of daily, weekly, or monthly, you can set reminders to automatically repeat at the same time every day or week.

Applications for Education
Reminder Guru could be an equally useful tool for students and teachers. The option to have messages sent to your phone and your email doubles the likelihood that your reminder will actually get to you and prompt you to action.