Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Explore Nelson Mandela's Archives Online

The Nelson Mandela Digital Archive is a new collection from the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory. The archive is a collection on images and documents chronicling the life of Nelson Mandela. You can search the archive according to the stages of Nelson Mandela's life and activism. In the archive you can read parts of Nelson Mandela's personal diaries.

A nice video to go along with the Nelson Mandela Digital Archive is Snag Learning's Life and Times: Nelson Mandela.

Applications for Education
The Nelson Mandela Digital Archives could be a good source of primary documents and images to use as part of lesson on apartheid in the context of 20th Century World History.

The Nelson Mandela Digital Archives is made possible in part by the work of Google's Cultural Institute. I learned about the new exhibit through the Official Google Blog.

A Gopher Guesses Your Number - A Math Game

Image credit: Doug Greenberg
The British Council's Learn English site has a fun little mathematics game that I just learned about from Jen Deyenberg. Magic Gopher is a fun little game in which students select a two digit number, add the digits together, subtract the new number from the original, then look up a symbol associated with the final number. The Magic Gopher the correctly "guesses" the final number symbol. Of course it's not actually magic, but young students will think it is.

Applications for Education
Magic Gopher could be a fun little way to get students thinking about the "magic" of mathematics. Allow them to struggle with the challenge of figuring out how the gopher gets it right every time then explain it.

A Humongous Infographic About Our Solar System

Through Larry Ferlazzo I learned about a very very big infographic about our solar system. The BBC Future section recently published an infographic titled Space Race. The infographic depicts the relatively distance between objects in our solar system. The infographic is so large that it actually loses a bit of meaning when it's viewed on a small 13" MacBook Pro. Therefore, I would suggest projecting it on a wall and or viewing it in the Zoom.it version that I created and embedded below.

Applications for Education
The Space Race infographic pairs well with the Scale of the Universe Infographic that I posted a couple of weeks ago. Together these two resources could be helpful in showing students just how large the solar system is and how small we are in it.

Free Website Builder Wix Goes HTML5, iPad Users Rejoice!

Wix is a free service for creating and hosting beautiful websites. There is just one problem, it's Flash-based which means the sites aren't viewable on iPads. Thanks to a Tweet by Adam Bellow, I learned that problem is soon to disappear. According to a Wix.com blog post last Friday, Wix is moving to HTML5. That means that sites created in Wix will now be visible on all devices.

The video below provides a short demonstration of some of the power of HTML5 in Wix.

Applications for Education
Wix has always offered great templates for creating websites. Now that Wix supports HTML5 teachers can build course websites that can be viewed on iPads, laptops, and Android devices.

Google Sightseeing - See the World on Your Desktop

Browsing Google Maps you can see lots of interesting landmarks and fun occurrences captured by the Streetview cameras. Finding all of those fun and interesting views can sometimes be tricky. That's when the Google Sightseeing blog becomes handy.

Google Sightseeing is a blog that archives the interesting and fun places that you can see in Google Maps and Google Maps Streetview. You can search the blog according to region, country, and type of view (Streetview, aerial view, etc).

Applications for Education
Because of some of the commentary, I would hesitate to send students to browse Google Sightseeing on their own. That said, if you're looking for some interesting landmark views to share with your class to support a history or geography lesson Google Sightseeing is a nice resource.