Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Holy Fonts, Batman! Google Docs Gets 450+ New Fonts

According to their latest product blog post Google Docs, which is now a part of Google Drive, now has more than 450 fonts available to all users. To access all of these new fonts select "add fonts" from the bottom of the font selection menu that you've always used. Selecting "add fonts" will open  up a new menu in which you can mix and match fonts to your heart's content.

Provide Tech Help Remotely via Chrome Remote Desktop

Yesterday, I received an email with a question about how to remotely help students and teachers with the Chrome browser and with Chromebooks. Almost as if he was reading my mind, later in the day Fred Delvental shared a bookmark for the Chrome Remote Desktop App. Using the Chrome Remote Desktop App (still in beta) you can grant access to your computer to another person who also has the Chrome Remote Desktop App installed.

If you want to share your desktop just click "share now" and Chrome Remote Desktop will generate an access code to give to the person who will access your computer.

To access and control another person's computer you just need to enter the access code that they provide to you.

Applications for Education
The Chrome Remote Desktop app could be very helpful in aiding teachers and students when they get stuck trying to accomplish a task on their computers.

Nine Shel Silverstein Stories Animated

Last year I shared an animated video of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. Yesterday, through an Open Culture post, I discovered eight more short animated versions of Shel Silverstein's works. The videos can be found on the Shel Silverstein Books channel on YouTube. I've embedded Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too! below.

Download Sound Effects from Sound Clips is a gallery of free sounds that I just learned about from Stephen Ransom. is a community-powered site on which you can upload sounds to share and download sounds shared by others. I was able to download sounds without registering on the site. To upload sounds you do need to register on the site. The video below gives a short overview of the site.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for a new source of sounds that your students can use for their multimedia projects, might just be what you're looking for. Remind students that they should credit the source of the sounds that they download and use in their projects.

Have You Been Where the Queen's Been?

In case you haven't heard, this year is Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. The BBC has a huge collection of resources about the Diamond Jubilee. One of those resources that I like is a feature called Have You Been Where the Queen's Been? Have You Been Where the Queen's Been is a map of all of the places that Queen Elizabeth II has visited during her reign. You can also view the places in a list format. Click on the map to check-off the places that you've been and compare your travels to that of the Queen.

Applications for Education
Have You Been Where the Queen's Been? could be used as part of geography lesson in which students research the places that the queen has visited. Students could investigate why the Queen was visiting each of those places and the significance of her visit.

Glacier Works - Before and After Glacier Images

Glacier Works is a non-profit organization studying the shrinking glaciers of the Himalaya and the impact of glacier melt on the people of the region. One of the neat features of the Glacier Works website is the panoramic before and after images. The panoramas show images of the glaciers from the 1920's side-by-side with recent images. You can quickly compare the two views by sliding your cursor across the panoramas.

Applications for Education
If you're teaching lessons on climate change and geography the Glacier Works panoramas could be a nice way to show students how climate change effects a region.