Sunday, May 6, 2012

Virtually Cycle the Alps

Last week while exploring the Google Chrome Web Store I came across a great site called Cycling the Alps. Cycling the Alps offers dozens of virtual tours of the Alps just as you would see them if you were on a bicycle tour of the Alps. Additionally, you can play games in which you are the rider and you have to navigate your way through courses in the Alps. The video below provides a short overview of some of features of Cycling the Alps.

Applications for Education
Playing the games on Cycling the Alps could be a fun way for students to explore the geography of the Alps. Cycling the Alps includes a profile of the elevation gains and losses throughout each tour. Many of the tours include 3D views of buildings along the way so students can see a bit of the architecture of towns during their tours of the Alps. - Sync Audio and Video to Your Slideshows is a handy service for recording video and or audio to accompany your slides. allows you to sync your recorded audio and video to your slides then publish everything as one complete package. Here's how it works; upload a set of slides to your account, then use your webcam to record a video of yourself talking about those slides. Your video and slides will appear side-by-side when you have finished recording. If you don't want to record a video, you can simply record audio only. accepts a large variety of presentation file types. And if you sign-in with your Google account, you can import presentations to from your Google Drive account. allows you to have three presentations for free before you have to either delete an old presentation or upgrade your account.

Applications for Education could be a great tool for teachers trying out the flipped classroom model. Aside from the flipped classroom model, using to record a presentation and posting it online could be helpful for students who are absent on the day that you give a short lecture. Recording a presentation and posting it online with could also be helpful for students who need some accessible review materials.