Sunday, June 24, 2012

Doodle Buzz is an Interesting Way to Explore News

Doodle Buzz is an interesting way to look at the news. To find news stories enter a term in the search box, click go, then drag your cursor across the screen to reveal news stories related to your search term. The more you doodle the more stories are revealed. You can read excerpts from the stories or click through to read the full article on the original source.

Applications for Education
When I was teaching Contemporary World Studies one of the more difficult things for me to do was to get students interested in exploring news stories outside of the United States. Doodle Buzz offers an element of fun to the discovery process. When I "search" on Doodle Buzz I find that I discover stories and sources that I don't typically read because they're not in my RSS feed or on my Google Chrome page of frequently visited sites. 

Video and Reminder - Wear Your Bike Helmet

This morning I went out for a mountain bike ride in a local state forest. We had thunderstorms last night so things we're still quite slick this morning. As I was riding on a trail that I've biked before, I took a nasty fall and smacked my head hard on the ground. Fortunately, I was wearing my helmet and other than some new bruises on my knee, elbow, and shoulder I am fine. As I was driving home and reflecting I was reminded of a resource I reviewed a couple of years ago.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky offers some good resources about brain injury prevention. One of those resources is a short animated video designed to teach students about the need for wearing a helmet and how to wear helmets when biking or skateboarding. In the video students learn how to pick a helmet and how to properly fit a helmet. Watch the two minute video below.

Applications for Education
It's summer in the northern hemisphere and that means kids will be out on their bikes and skateboards. This video is a good, quick reminder to students to wear a helmet and wear it correctly.