Friday, July 13, 2012

Add Colorful Pins to ThingLink Interactive Images

This week I received an email from ThingLink informing me of nice little addition to their interactive image creation tool. Now you can add colorful pins or nubbins to your interactive images. This is just a simple update, but ThingLink is looking for suggestions for new pin or nubbin options. Here'a a part of the email I was sent:

We want to hear from teachers about the kinds on tag icons they might like to see:
A star?
An audio/video player button?
A text icon?
A check mark?
Teachers can write us with their ideas and suggestions at

Applications for Education
For ideas on using ThingLink interactive images in your classroom please see 26+ Ways to Use ThingLink in the Classroom.

Video - The Difference Between England, Great Britain, and United Kingdom

As students watch the Olympic Games this year they might wonder, "what is the difference between England, Great Britain, and United Kingdom?" Or they might think that all three refer to the same thing. The following five minute video from CGP Grey explains what each name refers to and the differences between the three.

Applications for Education
When I taught a World Geography course one of the things that occasionally baffled and or annoyed my students was my insistence that they knew that United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England are not correct interchangeable terms.This video does a good job of explaining the historical origins as well as modern implications of the differences. My only complaint about the video is the narrator speaks very quickly. You might have to pause it or show it twice in your classroom.

Britain from Above - 16,000 Historical Images

Britain from Above is a gallery of more than 16,000 historical aerial images of the U.K.   The imagery was gathered between 1919 and 1953. You can search the database of images by clicking through the interactive map. You can also search for historical imagery by entering place names in the search box. If you just want to browse the imagery, you can browse the galleries.

Applications for Education
One of the galleries in Britain from Above is titled "unidentified." The images in the unidentified gallery are not tied to locations. The unidentified gallery could be the basis of a challenging geography activity. You could have students select an image and try to identify the location that the image should be connected to.

H/T to The Google Earth Blog