Friday, August 17, 2012

Mobento - Search for Spoken Words in Videos

There are lots of places to find educational videos on the web. Mobento is one of those places. What makes Mobento different from most educational video hosts is that you can search for spoken words within a video. Mobento not only tells you which videos have specific words spoken in them, it will also show you a timeline of where in the video your specified words are spoken.

Applications for Education
Mobento's collection of videos isn't terribly large right now, but it has potential to be a great service for finding educational video clips that address the specific terms you're searching for.

Forensic Firsts - The Science of Solving Crime

Forensic Firsts is a Smithsonian Channel television show. The show examines (in sometimes gruesome detail) how science can be used to solve crime mysteries. The Forensic Firsts game asks players to try to catch a serial murderer on the loose. The murderer can be caught by generating leads, correctly following up on leads, and correctly analyzing evidence.

Applications for Education
Forensic Firsts could be a good activity for high school students studying criminal justice. That said, Forensic Firsts is definitely not something I would use with students younger than high school age. I say that not because the game is particularly gruesome in detail (it's not) but because some of the video clips that are on the rest of the site could be unsuitable for students younger than high school.

Popchrom Could Completely Change Your Approach to Email

Yesterday, I saw Mark Wagner demonstrate a Chrome extension that could completely change my attitude toward email. Popchrom is a Chrome extension that allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for inserting large chunks of text into an email. So instead of retyping a message you can simply hit your keyboard shortcut and insert a big chunk of text.

Here's how Popchrom works; after you install the extension you can type out your chunks of text in the Popchrom settings and assign a keyboard shortcut for those chunks.

Applications for Education
If you often type the same type of message to parents, students, or others, Popchrom could save you tons of time.