Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inside Jobs - Explore Careers

Inside Jobs is a site that offers information about careers and the training required for them. On Inside Jobs visitors can search for career information by keyword or browse through categorized collections of information. Each career in the list has a short video featuring someone in the industry explaining what they do and how they got into the field. Inside Jobs provides lists of schools that offer programs related to the careers that students are interested in. (Note that the schools do pay to be included on Inside Jobs).

Applications for Education
Inside Jobs could be a good resource for students who want to learn more about a particular career field. It might be a good site to link to from your school's guidance department webpages.

Dipity - Create Timelines About Current Events

This service is no longer available. 

Dipity is a great timeline creation tool that allows users to incorporate text, images, and videos into each entry on their timeline. Like most good web tools, Dipity has a collaboration option and has multiple options for sharing your timelines publicly or privately. Each entry to a Dipity timeline can include multiple types of media which allows users to add more detail and information than can be included in a traditional timeline. If you want to import Tweets and other social media messages, you can do that too on Dipity. And as I learned earlier this week, Dipity will work on your iPad.

Applications for Education
If you're a social studies teacher looking to have your students create timelines about current events, Dipity could be a great tool for that. Think about having students create timelines of the US Presidential campaigns that include commentary from social media as well as links from articles that they have read.

The US Election on YouTube

The US Presidential Election is just a little more than two months away now. Every news outlet in the country has an election resources page of some type. Yesterday, YouTube got in on the act too by launching YouTube Politics for the 2012 Election. YouTube Politics is gathering and organizing video content from ABC News, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other notable news outlets. YouTube politics will also carry live streams of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Applications for Education
The YouTube Politics channel could be a good place to find video clips about the election season to use in your Civics lessons. Of course, many of the videos have a bias to them. In that case the YouTube Politics channel becomes a good place to find clips that you can use in lessons about bias and propaganda in the media.

Taking the Fear Out of Blogging - Webinar Recording

Earlier this week David Andrade shared some helpful information about Discovery Education's YouTube channel. I followed David's advice and explored Discovery Education's YouTube Channel on which I found some good webinar recordings. One webinar that I think anyone who is considering starting new blog this year, especially a blog with students, should watch is Taking the Fear Out of Blogging. The webinar was run by three l women, Lee Kolbert, Paula Naugle, and Karen McMillan, whose blogs I have followed over the years. Watch the webinar below.

Another webinar that I plan to watch soon is Dean Mantz's Creating Visually Informative Projects.

Add YouTube Videos to PowerPoint and Word Files

Through a recent episode of Tekzilla Daily I learned that Office 2013 has a couple of handy options for devoted Office users. In Office 2013 Word and PowerPoint will have easy-to-use video insertion options. Check it out in the video below.

Applications for Education
If you want your students to move away from simple text and images in their slides and start using video these new options in Office 2013 could be handy. Of course, Google Docs has this option too. If you want to insert YouTube videos into your Google Presentations select "video" from the insert menu in Google Presentation then either search for a video or paste in the URL of a video.