Saturday, August 25, 2012

Keen Talks Aims to Provide Food for Thought

This site is no longer online.

There is certainly not a shortage of places to find educational and inspirational videos online. I've listed a handful of them here. Keen Talks is another entry into that market.

Keen Talks is an online catalog of videos featuring educational and thought-provoking talks from people across the academic and entertainment spectrums. While Keen Talks is very heavy on science topics, you can find talks on topics in history, economics, entertainment, and technology. You can search Keen Talks by topic, category, or speaker's name.

Applications for Education
The talks that I previewed on Keen Talks are not the type of video that I would use in a flipped classroom model or would even make my high school students sit through during a class. The videos on Keen Talks are best suited as material that students can explore if they have a strong interest in a topic. You might also use Keen Talks to find a thought-provoking segment in a video then use Tube Chop to clip it and show it to your students.

Image and Maps - War of 1812

Yesterday's daily document from the U.S. National Archives was this image of the "Capture of Washington" during the War of 1812. The image reminded me of some other resources that I've shared in the past about the War of 1812. Click here to find two sets of animated maps about the war of 1812.

Applications for Education
One of these sets of maps is from an American perspective and the other is from a Canadian perspective. These maps could be useful in helping students compare perspectives on the War of 1812.

Videos - Neil Armstrong and the Moon

The first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, passed away today at age 82. Every major news outlet has stories about Neil Armstrong. I first saw the news through a Reuters story that a friend shared on Facebook. CNN has a series of videos about Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission. The first video in the series is embedded below.

The BBC has this nice captioned photo gallery about Neil Armstrong. 

The CBS News archives on YouTube offers this video of Walter Cronkite anchoring the first moon walk. 

And through Open Culture I found this video biography of Neil Armstrong. 

Applications for Education
If current events and or  modern U.S. History are a part of your curriculum consider using these videos to spark discussion or open a lesson on Monday. The clip with Walter Cronkite also opens up a discussion about the notable broadcasters in the "early" days of news broadcasting when there were only three networks in the U.S. 

Week in Review and The World's Biggest Truck

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to attend the keynote session for the Destination Innovation conference in Banff, Alberta. Before the conference I had time to visit Sparwood, British Columbia and hang out in the world's biggest truck. I might be 33 but when I saw the truck I was like a 3 year old all over again. It was as if my old Tonka trucks had grown up! If you click on the picture and view it full-size you'll notice that I am sitting inside the truck's wheel and my feet don't reach the ground.

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