Monday, August 27, 2012

MyHistro - A Timeline and Mapping Tool in One

myHistro is a timeline builder and map creation tool rolled into one nice package. On myHistro you can build a personal timeline or build a timeline about a theme or event in history. Each event that you place on your timeline can be geolocated using Google Maps. myHistro timelines can be created online or you can use the free iPad app to create events on your timeline.

I gave myHistro a try this afternoon and found it rather easy to use after initially spending ten minutes fumbling around and learning the language of myHistro. When you first sign into myHistro you will be shown a screen for creating your first event. An event is a stand-alone item. If you want to create a timeline you need to click on your account dashboard then select "stories" to create a story. "Story" is myHistro's name for timelines. Create a story then add events to your story. Each event can include videos, images, text and be geolocated on a map.

Applications for Education
myHistro does have a collaborative aspect as you can invite people to work with you on events or entire stories. To work with you your collaborators will need to register on myHistro. For students over age 13 myHistro has great potential for create digital historical stories.

H/T to Google Maps Mania

I Like Wili the Word Wizard's Math Dictionary

Last night I spent a little time on Adam Bellow's new social bookmarking site EduClipper. While on there I found Wili the Word Wizard's Math Dictionary. The Math Dictionary is a glossary of important terms that elementary school and middle school students need to know to be successful in their mathematics classes. The dictionary includes diagrams when appropriate.

Applications for Education
For students who struggle with the vocabulary of mathematics, Wili the Word Wizard's Math Dictionary could be a handy resource to have bookmarked. It could also be useful for parents who need a refresher when they are trying to help their children with their mathematics homework.

Disclosure: I am currently an unpaid advisor to Educlipper, but I could have a financial interest in the future.